text message marketing

Text Message Marketing Isn’t Old School

Text message marketing may not be the first thing you think of when you think digital marketing, but it shouldn’t be the last! Often overlooked, text message marketing has been put on the back burner by many, even though it has proven to have 10x the response rate of print coupons. {Click To Tweet} According to text message marketing experts, 90% of customers who are a part of a SMS loyalty program felt it was valuable and 98% of the texts that companies send are opened!


Programmatic Changes to Our Display Ads

Earlier this year we transitioned to a new programmatic demand-side-platform(DSP) for our display ads.  We felt it was time to switch to this new platform due to performance problems and lack of transparency. Continue…


Social Advertising or Management? Or Both?

Limited budget and trying to decide if social media management is more important than social media advertising? Thought you had SMM figured out but that last sentence confused you? Don’t get frustrated – we can help. First, I’ll take you through the differences and then help you decide which is more important for your business.


Marketing Tags Graphic

Tags and Pixels Explained

One of the main advantages of digital marketing vs. traditional marketing is reporting and tracking. An integral part of reporting and tracking involves something known as a pixel (more commonly known as tags). Tags enable digital marketers to not only track the people who click through an advertisement, but also of those people, how many of them completed desired actions, also known as converting.


Facebook New Ad Image Rule

Facebook Getting Rid of the 20% Rule? What You Need To Know.

If you’ve done any social media advertising in the last few months, you’ve probably run into a little snafu with Facebook. They have allowed brands only 20% text on ad images in order keep ads successful and keep the platform from being cluttered with less than impressive ads. But today, Facebook decided to amend that rule and allows ads to have as much text on an ad image as you want, with the warning that it can affect the delivery & performance of the ad.



Marketing to Millennials: A Guide

If you’re trying to market towards millennials, I won’t blame you if you’re banging your head against the wall. Speaking for my people, we’re hard to market to. We have high expectations and if you don’t meet them, well, you can lose us quick. Brands have a really tough time trying to nail down the best way to get our attention but in reality, there is no one way. As Co-Founder and CCO of MPulse, Chelsea Krost. says, you cannot blanket market millennials. There are 80 million of us in the United States alone with a mere 11-second attention span, there’s no one way to market to us all. But there are some things your business can do to jumpstart your efforts.